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Welcome To Nuttall Mfg. & Equipment, LLC! 
     Mr. Nuttall is the Founder and Owner of Nuttall Mfg. & Equipment.  He started his equipment business along with Nuttall Trailers in 1975.  It has always been his goal to bring the customer back time and again with quality products. 
He is currently one of the Outstanding Pre-owned and Reconditioned Heavy Equipment Dealers in Southeastern Oklahoma.
Mr. Nuttall can also manufacture a selection of attachments for heavy equipment.  He puts pride & determination for perfection in all his work, so be assured that anything he sells is of good quality & will last you for years to come. 

Nuttall Manufacturing and Equipment, LLC

Phone: 580-889-6545  Fax: 580-889-5286


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Mr. Nuttall (Himself)